Religious Education Seeks New Instructor

Melissa Kelly has stepped down from the CCD program - we will miss your smile and your enthusiasm Sundays at CCD. May God bless you.

So the search is on.  With CCD starting in just over a month we will be moving fast on this, so if you know someone who is qualified and would be good, let me know.  It averages to be about a 10 hour per week position, but if you want to see the full job description, contact the rectory.  I am already interviewing candidates and hope to have someone in place by early next week. The registration form and schedule are attached below.

In the meantime we are still preparing for CCD.  Most of the registrations are in, but we are seeking out those who have been part of our program but have not registered.  Plus we are having open registrations for all new parishioners and those are new to the program.  It helps to have numbers set before classes start to have the right materials, teachers and aides in place.

Speaking of teachers.  We definitely need a few. We also need aides.  They can be a great stepping stone to teaching and are such a help in the classroom.  I started as the aide to my mother when I was in middle school and was teaching when I was in High School.  It was one of the most fun ministries I ever had in the Church.  Maybe you would be interested?  We will offer training and support.  Check out the bulletin announcement for more information.

CCD is a vital ministry in our parish.  We are blessed with so many youths and so many families who care about learning the faith.  May God bless our program with faith and hope and love.

Registration Form

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