Pope Francis has declared October as Extraordinary Missionary Month

  1. Missio – a website powered by PMSUSA, has a lot of backgrounders and resources for the Extraordinary Missionary Month. Go to www.missio.org/resources
  2. USCMA has resources on www.uscatholicmission.org/extraordinary-mission-month-2019
  3. The Vatican also has a website: http://www.october2019.va/en.html
  4. You can order Baptized and Sent for shipping and handling ($12) for USCMA.
  5. Or download: http://www.october2019.va/en/mmsott2019/la-guida.html
  6. Maryknoll Mission Education Resources at www.maryknoll.us
  7. Resources for Catholic schools and catechists: www.discoveryourneighbor.org