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Join Fr. Brian for a day that makes a difference.  We will start with a simple Mass of hope and grace at St. Mary’s Church, on Thursday night, 1/26/17, at 10 pm (even if you aren’t going on the bus, please join us for the Mass).   The luxury bus will pick us up in front of the church at approximately 10:45 pm.  It’s an overnight drive to Washington DC.  In the morning we will stop at the National Basilica for Mass, afterwards we will have breakfast at the Catholic University. The rest of the morning we will take either to join in the rally or visit one of the local sites (Holocaust Museum or Smithsonian).  After lunch we will join the actual march; from the Washington Monument to the Supreme Court Building.  Then we get back onto the busses to return to Lee, arriving sometime after midnight. We need to reserve spots now! ($25.00 dollar donation is requested) If you have any questions or you want to help as a chaperone, contact Fr. Brian McGrath, St. Mary’s Rectory, 243-0275.