Lee Lions to Collect and Distribute Protective Masks!

The Lee Lions is seeking anyone who has masks to donate or would like to make some for charity. We will collect masks and distribute at no charge to anyone who might need one. If we do have excess, we will bag the masks individually and schedule safe public places to distribute what we have collected.

We will contact the senior centers, churches, community support programs and police and fire departments to assess any additional needs for protective wear in the community.

Anyone who can supply masks or an organization with excess masks please contact us. Anyone in Lee or the adjacent towns who requires a mask please contact us and we will provide it to you. There are many similar programs under way and our Facebook Page and Website will also provide links to any effort to supply masks to those in need. Contact Thom Swift 413-243-6737, [email protected], Facebook – Lee Lions, or https://www.e-clubhouse.org/sites/lee_ma

Lee Lions Club is part of Lions International a worldwide community of people dedicated to serving their community, country, and the world.