Changes in Maintenance Personnel

NB: This is a bit of old news but, because of summer vacations, we are just getting back to keeping our web site updated.

In July, St. Mary's Parish said good-bye to our longtime maintenance employee, Ernie Brazee. In typical "Ernie fashion" he left without the fanfare he deserved and certainly would have gotten had school been in session! 

Ernie worked at St. Mary's for more than 43 years, serving generations of St. Mary's School students and burying hundreds of our beloved deceased at St. Mary's Cemetery. We will certainly miss his presence, expertise, and wisdom. We wish Ernie well in his retirement and we pray that he will enjoy many years ahead.

July also saw the departure of Dan Hopkins who was with us for a little over four years. Wish thank Dan for his time with us and we wish him well in his new endeavors.

While we had a hunch that Ernie was nearing retirement, we did not expect Dan's departure. This left Ken Fogarty alone for a couple of weeks and things fell behind at St. Mary's Cemetery. A few people volunteered, including Fr. Sheaffer who was on vacation at the time, to help Ken catch up. With the hiring of Larry Decker, we expect that things will be running smoothly soon and that it will be back to "business as usual." 

Please be patient as our new employees get more and more comfortable with their responsibilities.