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activities to do while quarantine

Map Crunch: Go on an adventure without leaving your home. This site plops you down in a random location on the globe, and all that's left to do is explore. Keep clicking the Green Go button and keep moving around the world from your living room!


Free Rice: For every correct answer you get on this vocab quiz, "sponsors donate the cash equivalent of 10 grains of rice" to the United Nations World Food Programme. It's charitable procrastination.


MuscleWiki provides an interactive diagram of all the muscles you aren't moving now that you're confined to your house. Just click on a muscle, and the site will suggest ways to exercise it.


At this point, your fridge is either full packed or has, three random items in it, and you're starting to think about meal options. Enter My Fridge Food, which you can input everything you have in your kitchen and it provides you a recipes with those ingredients.