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Minister Schedules Added

Today we were able to add Ministry Schedules for our Altar Servers, Eucharistic Ministers, and Lectors. It is our hope that use of the web page for scheduling will save both on postage and paper. We will be compiling email addresses to send alerts and links to the various minister schedules. We're hoping to have our web site go live with our parishioners in the very near future.

We also added some sacramental pages with information on how to contact us to arrange for the celebration of Baptisms, Weddings, Reconciliation, and Sacrament of the Sick. More additions to this tab will follow. AND we've added RSS feeds to our News tab from the National Catholic Reporter and the Catholic News Agency.

We're looking to add much more information on the various aspects of Parish life including CCD, Our Lady's Oratory, and maybe even some pictures from Parish events and from our three worship sites.

AND FINALLY: Did you notice that you can add us as a friend on facebook. Currently, we have only three friends and we really haven't been keeping up with things on facebook but it will be updated with brief news bits and scheduling information as our presence on the web takes on new life.